Michael joined EJE in 1995 after graduating from Newcastle University and became a Director in 2002. Prior to joining EJE Michael worked for seven years in the construction industry as a carpenter before commencing Architectural studies. This experience has been advantageous in Michael’s ability to creatively problem solve many issues that arise throughout the design, documentation and construction process.

Michael has undertaken a diverse range of projects within the EJE Group, including Commercial, Tourism and Masterplanning with a particular emphasis on Hospitality and Multi-Unit Residential projects. Throughout these projects clients have benefited from Michael’s practical and hands on approach during the design, construction and administration process, ensuring the best interests of the clients are always maintained. Michael has been sharing his time between Newcastle and SE Queensland, managing the Gold Coast office since 2005.

During this time Michael has completed a diverse range of Hospitality, Multi-Residential and Masterplans from Cairns to SE QLD as well as international projects in Mauritius and Papua New Guinea. Michael is currently working on several IRIS projects including Hungerford Hill & Rafferty’s Resort redevelopments, along with the masterplan for the Lassiters Casino in Alice Springs.

Recent Key Projects:

  • Club Parramatta
  • Voco Point
  • Salacia Waters