Richard commenced employment at EJE in 2013 and has worked primarily in the hospitality sector since then, gaining significant experience in hotel and club design. He became an Associate of the firm in 2016 and was recently promoted to Principal in 2022.​

Throughout his time at EJE, Richard has worked with an extensive list of hotels and clubs. Richards recent projects include a total rebuilding of the Exchange Hotel in Hamilton, and rebuilding of the Nelson Bay Golf Club after it was destroyed by fire in late 2015. As part of his work with hospitality clients, Richard has been involved in a number of auxiliary developments such as independent living developments, childcare developments and sporting developments, including a small grandstand at the Entrance District Sporting and Community Centre.

With a keen interest in eco design, Richard studied Environmental Design (Architecture) as an undergraduate degree and brings a sound understanding of sustainable architecture to each project, ensuring outcomes are environmentally responsible. He is also interested in the use of 3D CAD programs in the design, coordination and visualisation of projects.​

Recent Key Projects:

  • ​The Exchange
  • Nelson Bay Golf Club
  • EDSACC Stadium