Catholic Diocese Newcastle032_edited.jpg

Master Builders Association

Newcastle, NSW

The new building has prime commercial office space on three levels within a simple rectangular form. Each level is accessed from an impressive 12 metre high atrium connecting the front at Lambton Road to the rear carpark. A dynamic angled blade wall protects the atrium from the hot western sun.

The decision to construct the building in steel meant significant savings for the builder and the client by a reduced construction programme. The building incorporates many energy saving devices including water harvesting and reuse, solar hot water and an innovative utilisation of the retained concrete slab to pre-cool air pumped into the air conditioning units. This has reduced energy consumption significantly, saving the client 7% of their annual energy costs. With a palette of materials including silver vitrabond panels, glass, fibre cement sheeting, precast concrete panels and aluminium louvers, the building presents an eye catching contemporary image for the Master Builders Association on this major gateway site into Newcastle.