Anzac Memorial Walk

The Anzac Memorial Walk in Newcastle is an impressive urban infrastructure that serves as a commemoration of the significant Newcastle events of the centenary of WW1, the landing of Allied Forces at ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, and the opening of BHP Billiton’s Steelworks. The walkway spans the cliff top between Strzelecki lookout and the Water Board reservoir at Bar Beach, offering stunning views of Newcastle and the coastline. We collaborated with Northrop Engineers, and Terras Landscape Architects for the design of the bridge and walkway. Our focus was on creating a structure that is both structurally sound and easily constructible.

The Memorial Walk has become an iconic and beloved landmark, attracting more than 40,000 people who traverse the walk each week, drawn by its accessibility and the breathtaking panoramic views of Newcastle and the surrounding coastline.

The materials used include stainless steel and composite fibre, ensuring durability and longevity.
A notable design feature of the Memorial Walk was our incorporation of the DNA strand motif. This element symbolically references the ongoing identification of WW1 casualties discovered on the battlefields of Europe. The interpretive material displayed along the walk provides historical information about the local individuals from the Hunter Valley who enlisted in WW1 and the battles in which they participated.