Carrington Hydraulic Engine House

The 1877 Carrington Hydraulic Engine House stands proudly at the apex of the basin on Newcastle Harbour. We embraced the focus of conserving this historical gem, safeguarding it from further degradation and restoring its original grandeur.

We took immense pride in breathing new life into this iconic state heritage structure and creating a captivating space where visitors can admire its historical significance while enjoying the splendour of our artistic tribute.

You will be impressed by our conservation design works which allowed us to evolve the building to be weather-tight, meticulously restore missing fabric like the grand sandstone-framed boiler room windows, reconstruct the intricate stone and brick details, and rebuild the damaged accumulator tower roofs.

Beyond preservation, we were entrusted to develop a comprehensive long-term Heritage Interpretation Plan. The most significant element of this plan is our proud creation of a signature public plaza in front of the building.

This remarkable plaza replaces the former disused roadway, with a near full scale artistic blueprint honouring the engine house’s original engine and pipework layout. The specialty thermoplastic artwork is a stunning masterpiece and thought to be the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.