Kaleidoscope Child & Family Health Centre

Kaleidoscope is at the heart of the children’s hub in Charlestown Square Shopping Centre in Newcastle where we embodied a revitalised approach to community health services. In replacing the existing Charlestown facility, our priority was to create a blend of safety, infused with an element of fun and evoke a more ambient retail presence, moving away from a traditional clinical environment.

Our vision is one of a dynamic and captivating space for children and their families, fostering engagement and additionally supporting a fresh and contemporary work environment for staff.

The captivating shopfront stands as the facility’s centrepiece, adorned with an array of vibrant panels that collectively form a magnificent kaleidoscope, symbolising change and growth. Guiding visitors seamlessly into the reception area, these panels welcome visitors into the centre while dispersing overhead, allowing abundant natural light to permeate the surroundings. A lively colour palette fosters a playful atmosphere, complemented by the warmth of timber-look joinery and nature-inspired graphics seamlessly integrating with the forest theme found throughout the children’s hub.