Murray Barracks

We were engaged by the Papua New Guinea Department of Defence, as part of the CSG International project team, to prepare a master plan and redevelopment strategy for the existing Murray Barracks. Our overarching objective was to create a sustainable mixed-use development that integrates a diverse range of functions, including employment, institutional, community, cultural, and residential elements. This approach enables the development to function as a dynamic and adaptable urban town core, complemented by a public realm that establishes it as a prominent public destination.

The decommissioning of Murray Barracks and its transformation into a mixed-use centre for Port Moresby is a priority for the government, with the prime location offering regenerative potential positively impacting economic development.

The Murray Barracks Precinct spans 183 hectares of land situated between Port Moresby Harbour and Jacksons International Airport, connected by two major transport routes. Positioned centrally between the major cities of Hohola and Boroko, the precinct has the potential to create a distinct sense of place, offering a vibrant civic realm that is currently lacking in Papua New Guinea’s residential sprawl.
Throughout the precinct, civic buildings are strategically placed to address the cultural and social needs of the community. Boulevards, avenues, parks, plazas, and monuments interconnect these buildings, creating a sense of continuity from the history while establishing a clear direction for the future.

The development features an inviting civic realm, offering A-grade commercial and retail spaces, housing options in close proximity to employment opportunities, and dedicated sites for healthcare and education facilities to serve the city’s population. Simultaneously, the commercial aspect of the project enables the Department of Defence to provide state-of-the-art facilities in a new Barracks Facility.