Newcastle Station

The former Newcastle Railway Station is nestled between the city centre, harbour, and Foreshore Park site and continues to be the beating heart of the revitalisation of Newcastle’s city centre.
Our remarkable transformation evolved from the need to preserve the site’s rich heritage while unlocking fresh opportunities to establish it as a vibrant hub for large-scale public events.

The solution was the emergence of an invaluable centrepiece to Newcastle, transforming the building into a life-source, breathing new life into a bustling community gathering space.

The reintroduction of this iconic architectural foundation to the centre of Newcastle inspired us to reinstate the original openings between buildings, creating a vibrant connection of life to the surrounding cityscape.
The iconic two-story verandah of the original building was lost to unsympathetic infill in the 1920s. You will be intrigued how we meticulously restored this iconic feature using authentic materials and intricate detailing combining the use of extensive research and historical photographs to ensure authenticity to the original structure.