Newcastle Visitor Centre

The Civic Station building was originally constructed in 1937 beside the Great Northern Railway on Hunter St Newcastle. This iconic site witnessed heavy rail movements until its closure in 2014. Our revitalisation involved an innovative, adaptive re-use project, to welcome visitors to Newcastle’s premier Visitor Information Centre.

Our architectural masterpiece effortlessly blends the nostalgia of the past with the excitement of the future allowing visitors to embark on a journey that celebrates heritage, culture, and the unique allure of Newcastle’s built and natural environment. The interplay of light and form serves to remind visitors of the harmonious relationship between the city’s urban structures and the picturesque landscapes that embrace it.

You will be captivated by how we preserved the building’s rich heritage while honouring the past and showcasing the appealing footprint of Newcastle to tourists from around the globe.
The space’s unique layout inspired our use of materials, form, and storage. Carefully crafted custom joinery not only maximises storage and space but also celebrates the authenticity of original heritage joinery, harmoniously blending with modern technology. Smart TVs, augmented reality and the integration of Awabakal language welcomes visitors to forge a deeper connection, not only with the space but to the Indigenous history, accompanied by the warm glow of a campfire-like ambiance.

Our standout feature is the remarkable large scale in-situ floor mapping, showcasing the entirety of the Newcastle peninsula and its key points of interest for tourists. This immersive display not only aids travellers in planning their adventures but also draws them into the very essence of Newcastle’s landscape. We have continued this sense of immersion through the topography of the map flooring reflected on the ceiling and accompanied by a custom light feature accentuating the space’s height and length.