NUSpace is the University of Newcastle’s cutting-edge inner-city vertical campus, representing a significant investment of $95 million and the winner of a NSW Architecture Award. In a successful collaboration, we partnered with Melbourne-based Lyons Architecture to secure the commission through the university’s design competition.

The visionary design not only offers an exceptional gathering space for the university but also serves as a catalyst for rejuvenating both the physical and cultural core of Newcastle, infusing vibrancy into the heart of the inner-city Hunter St cultural precinct.

NUSpace challenged us to create a diverse range of spaces catering to students, academics, and the wider community, facilitating various formal and informal interactions. It serves as a learning marketplace where individuals can come together, fostering connections, and creating a thriving campus community.

Within the collaboration EJE were instrumental in infusing the DNA of the region into a physical representation. The space communicates with the community, within the gallery space, at street level and from a distance, twisting and opening to both raised views and gesture to significant landmarks and geographies throughout the region.