One14 Tudor

‘One14 Tudor’ is a prominent example of contemporary architecture in the cosmopolitan Newcastle suburb of Hamilton. The development includes 31 residential units and ground floor commercial tenancies, showcasing a design that is both functional and visually striking.

One of the notable aspects of the building’s architecture is our use of a variety of materials and textures on the facade. This design choice not only adds visual interest but also establishes a dialogue with the traditional architectural style and masonry finishes found in the surrounding area. Our response to the local context ensured the building has become an integral part of the architectural fabric of Hamilton.

At the ground level, we designed the building to activate the street and engage with its urban context. The placement of commercial units and the inviting entry foyer facing Tudor St create a dynamic and lively streetscape. The use of recycled brickwork and a striking glazed awning adds an appealing aesthetic to the building’s ground level, while also contributing to its overall durability and sustainability.

We carefully considered the vertical composition of the building, with three levels of residential units following the alignment of the street, and a fourth level set back to reduce the building’s scale. This modification to the fourth level not only enhances the building’s visual appeal but also ensures a harmonious integration with the surrounding environment. The inclusion of oversized landscaped terraces and a central atrium courtyard on the top level further adds to the building’s architectural quality and provides residents with additional amenity spaces.

Inside the residential units, our focus is on spaciousness and comfort. The open plan living areas, along with the well-designed bedrooms and sleek bathrooms, create a modern and luxurious living environment. We incorporated large windows, and the considered placement of the units allows for expansive views of the greenery and gardens of Hamilton, providing residents with a serene and calming atmosphere.

This project embodies contemporary architectural design with its careful attention to functionality, aesthetic appeal, and integration with the surrounding context. Through its thoughtful composition, use of materials, and emphasis on resident comfort, the building stands as a testament to architectural excellence in the cosmopolitan setting of Hamilton.