This landmark project is Stage 2 of the Flour Mill redevelopment situated in the inner city suburb Summer Hill. We successfully completed the Construction Documentation and Site Services for this iconic development, encompassing the construction of four new buildings including 230 residential units and restoration of the existing Mungo Scott building.

Formerly an industrial site, this project showcases the transformation of the area into a vibrant residential hub. One of the standout features of this development is the adaptive reuse of the historically significant Mungo Scott building.

The site’s strategic location adjacent to the new Light Rail station and its convenient proximity to the existing Summer Hill village centre and heavy rail line make it an ideal destination for inner city urban renewal. Each residential building possesses a distinct character, featuring diverse building footprints, materials, and a variety of heights. This approach contributes to the creation of an engaging and visually diverse urban streetscape that also pays respect to the heritage of the site and Mungo Scott building.

Additionally, a central green space harmoniously connects all the buildings, with the restored Mungo Scott building acting as its focal point. The heritage structure has been meticulously revitalised to serve commercial and retail purposes, adding to the diversity and functionality of the development.