Voco Point

Voco Point is a historical waterfront area in Papua New Guinea (PNG) located in the suburb of Lae in the Morobe Province. Unfortunately, the area has diminished into a cluster of disconnected parcels of land, lacking any meaningful interaction between the town, the water, and the community. Our objective, as presented by The National Fisheries Authority (NFA), was to create a project that would not only serve as a benchmark for Lae but for the entire country of Papua New Guinea.

Our vision encouraged the unification of two existing underutilised community resources, the Lae Yacht Club to the east and Hilma Wong Park to the south. The solution was a lively mixed-use waterfront space and promenade while preserving the active and functional nature of the Port.

To enhance the appeal of Hilma Wong Park, various elements such as pathways, shelters, sculptures, community facilities, and landscaping were proposed. The goal was to maintain the atmosphere of a fishing village, encouraging traditional Banana Boats to dock along the foreshore.
The Master Plan introduces a central plaza opening the waterfront to the Voco Point district. Additionally, a Cruise Terminal access point located off this plaza ensures continuous activity and usage, breathing life into both the plaza and Voco Point. The design encourages complementary developments to create a vibrant public realm, fostering a dynamic atmosphere.