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Club Parramatta

Sydney, NSW

The new Club Parramatta sits on an environmentally, culturally and historically significant site, on which the dynamic multi-cultural demographic and vibrant city vision for Parramatta’s future is predicated. The design approach, therefore, was to create an internal landscape - one that reflected and paid respect to the topography, the spirit of the land and waters, and it’s unending support of the regions indigenous and multicultural histories. The brief also called for the use of Feng Shui principles be applied to the entirety of the interior to acknowledge and support the cultural proclivities of the venues majority user groups and allowed EJE to integrate the five elements; fire, wind, water, earth, metal. This enabled us to enrich the interior scheme and connect to the ephemeral that binds all cultures.

Monolithic Australian granites ground the interior amongst the deep rich palette of colours and timbers, and imbed it into the surrounding green of the park. The ebb and flow of the timber walkway runs through the belly of the building, through to underground water courses below and connects the park to city. Clusters of biophilic furniture drop into the space and encourage guests to gather and story-tell their histories, wars and futures. Two floating ‘campfire’ pods hover over circular banquettes and create division between the rambunctious sports lounge area, and the unhurried pace of the main bar. Youthful colour and vigour was applied to the amenities, and the Upstairs Bar + Kitchen, as homage to the city’s youthfulness and the Zoo that once sat on the site. Indigenous art, custom prints and the colour tones of the Australian landscape (ochres and eucalyptus and opal) embellish the space and serve to connect a spirit of recognition to those past and present, in all cultures and combats.