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Honeysuckle Hotel

Newcastle, NSW

Honeysuckle Hotel incorporated the refurbishment of Lee Wharf C building which is one of two remaining federation style wharf sheds located along the prominent Honeysuckle Foreshore. These buildings were originally constructed between 1908 and 1910 to serve as general cargo sheds for the Port of Newcastle. The adaptive reuse of this building needed to provide a high quality hotel and restaurant facility whilst still respecting the importance of a heritage building of State significance. The use of stone, glass, steel and polished concrete create modern clean lines which contrast with the rough textures of the existing building. This provides definite contrast, retaining and enhancing the integrity of the existing architectural features of the building.

An expressed steel sail structure on the deck extends the full length of the northern facade with a glass roof separating the new addition to the existing building ensuring the heritage facade is fully visible. The design and construction required a sensitivity to ensure the buildings importance as a heritage item was not compromised, and aimed to complement the existing space using a modern design to express the historical character.