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The Junction Hotel

Newcastle, NSW

Over the past decade The Junction has transformed from a typical suburban shopping area to that of a boutique precinct complemented by restaurants with a distinctive alfresco feel. This change to a more sophisticated setting was embraced by Junction Hotel owners when they engaged EJE to design a refurbishment that would make a significant contribution to the hotel’s changing context. This was achieved by relocating a central bar and service area, allowing the principle street elevations to open up and interact with the streetscape. The interiors then responded to this lightness by providing a fresh palate of materials that reflected the beachside location without being a literal interpretation.

Ten years on, the EJE interiors team have revisited the fresh and modern look, utilising the existing contemporary palette of materials as a base to incorporate a new style. As a considered move away from the raw and industrial aesthetic that is so present in many venues in Newcastle, the new look evokes a sense of the fun and elegance of South Beach Miami in a modern Art Deco style. EJE Interiors custom designed the new motif carpet and feature lounges, and applied finishes and lighting that serve to warm and invigorate the space both through the day and evening.