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Murray Barracks

Papua New Guinea

EJE Architecture as part of the CSG International project team were engaged by the Papua New Guinea Department of Defence to prepare a master plan and redevelopment strategy for the existing Murray Barracks. The Murray Barracks Precinct is 183 hectares of land that sits between Port Moresby Harbour and Jacksons International Airport linked by two major transport routes. Being centrally located between major cities Hohola and Boroko the precinct has the opportunity to provide a strong sense of place with a rich and accessible civic realm not currently accommodated in PNG’s residential sprawl.

This vision was achieved by providing a truly sustainable mixed use development incorporating a diversity of employment, institutional, community, cultural and residential functions which allows the development to operate as a viable and adaptive urban town core, along with the public realm that makes it a significant public destination. Civic buildings are reinforced throughout the precinct housing the cultural and social needs of the community, connected with boulevards, avenues, parks, plazas and monuments, referencing to the past while establishing direction for the future. The decommissioning of Murray Barracks and the redevelopment of the property into a mixed use centre for Port Moresby is on the list of Governments priority projects. The regenerative affects offered by the prime site will provide a positive impact on economic development, by providing a sense of civic realm containing, A grade commercial and retail space, housing opportunities in close proximity to employment along with sites for health care and education for the City’s population. Equally the commercial realisation, will allow the Department of Defence to provide state of the art facilities in a new Barracks Facility.