Crystalbrook Kingsley - Kingsley Master Bathroom 2_edited.jpg

Superyacht Marina Precinct

Port Douglas, QLD

Port Douglas; an idyllic coastal town surrounded by two of the most globally renowned diverse eco-systems - the world’s largest reef system to one side and world’s oldest rainforest to the other. Inspired by and embracing this most extraordinary meeting of nature, Crystalbrook Collection could not wish for a better location for its new luxury resorts and residences. Featuring an exquisite 100 room five-star resort, a globally distinguished 30 room six-star resort, a destination day spa, five waterfront villas and a further 15 two and three bedroom apartments and a signature bar and café.

The centerpiece of the redevelopment of the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina precinct focuses on a large public plaza with water play open to a newly formed inlet. Extending from this, a waterfront public boardwalk skirts past restaurants and bars leading to the marina with its signature bar and cafe. This project seeks to establish a refined landscape and architecture, based on the themes of rainforest and reef, with an emphasis of sinuous curves and waves. Understated low-rise architecture integrates with the nautical marine character which is one of the highlighted experiences for all visitors to Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef. The buildings whose glass and white façades are defined by multiple horizontal layers filtered by sunlight, subtly reference the latticed structure and detail of the coral reefs.