Crystalbrook Kingsley - Kingsley Master Bathroom 2_edited.jpg

Irvine Residence

Newcastle, NSW

The Hamilton South Residence reworks an unsympathetic 1970’s second storey addition to a 1930’s single storey Californian Bungalow. The original gambrel roofed addition, in a pseudo ‘Dutch Revival’ style, was totally incompatible with the Hamilton South ‘Garden Suburb’, a Heritage conservation area.

The design reworks the upper floor, providing façade articulation through the stepping back of the second floor over the main entrance and reinstatement of the original entry porch. The step in the wall alignment between upper and lower levels is concealed via the continuation of the entry roof around the western corner of the building.

A material palette including rusticated weatherboards and terracotta roof tiles connects the dwelling to the built context of the area. This connection is further enhanced by the detailing and colour selections which break up the building volume in a manner consistent with the context.