Crystalbrook Kingsley - Kingsley Master Bathroom 2_edited.jpg

Wyllie Residence

Merewether, NSW

The clients came to EJE with a brief for a home that would cater for them nearing retirement. They wanted a home that would suit the two of them and that could comfortably cater for a number of guests. The spaces needed to be both restful and intimate, cosy enough for two, but then equally comfortable when entertaining twenty. It was to take advantage of its coastal location with views of the water but also to provide shelter from the sometimes harsh coastal weather.

This was the first time the clients had used and Architect and built a home. They were integral to the design and eager to understand the design. This provided an opportunity for all the design team, Architect, Landscape Architect and Interior Designer to truly engage with the clients, form genuine friendships and ensure the house and everything in it, while 95% new, is truly reflective of the clients.