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Blackbutt Reserve Recreation Area

Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle City Council’s Blackbutt Reserve has been providing nature based outdoor activities and facilities to the community for over 70 years. The new outdoor wildlife learning area and amenities buildings enhance the quality and diversity of facilities and experiences available at the Nature Reserve.

The outdoor learning area provides a space for environmental education programs, wildlife shows and interactive activities. Taking advantage of the site, a natural amphitheatre, tiered seating curves around the stage following the natural contours. A services wall behind provides wildlife storage areas, video screen and AV equipment. Protection from wind, rain and light is provided by the articulation of roof plane, screens and walls. The amenities building provides a safe, robust and functional response to the brief for a public toilet and parents room. With a high level of transparency, the spaces are light and airy, providing universal access and a high level of amenity for all users.