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Carrington Hydraulic Engine House

Newcastle, NSW

The 1877 Carrington Hydraulic Engine House is an iconic element of Newcastle’s Industrial heritage, located proudly at the apex of the basin on Newcastle Harbour. Constructed to power the hydraulic cranes of the city’s early coal loading wharfs, the hydraulic technology housed within the building was the first of its kind in the nation, pre-dating even Sydney by more than a decade.

140 years later, our project has involved conservation design works aiming to safeguard the aging building against further degradation by making it weathertight, restoring missing fabric such as the large sandstone framed windows and doors, reconstructing original stone and brick details, and re-building the damaged accumulator tower roofs.

The site continues to utilize the foremost in industrial technology, with extensive use of 3D point-cloud scanning and aerial drone surveys employed during the conservation project. The creation of a signature public plaza in front of the building, representing a “blueprint” of the engine house’s original engine and pipework layout at near full scale, is thought to be the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.