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St Nicholas' Childcare Cardiff

Lake Macquarie, NSW

St Nicholas Early Education Centre, Cardiff is the result of an ingenious adaptive reuse within the envelope of a former supermarket building. The 84 place Centre which caters for 0-6 year olds, is an inspired collaboration of architectural planning and landscape design, with the outdoor play area created through the removal of a large portion of the roof, exposing the ‘industrial look’ steel trusses and integrating the former gantry into the pirate themed playground resulting in a unique play space.

The project proved challenging on many fronts, with varying site levels, existing structures and adjacent occupied premises needing special consideration throughout the detailed design and construction. The result is a light filled well resolved example of adaptive reuse that encapsulates all the necessary functions necessary for learning, play, supervision, & general operation; all of which have been provided with a fresh materials & finishes palette with pops of bright colours throughout the internal spaces extending on the playful pirate theme and leaving little hint as to the buildings previous use.