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Tamworth Education Centre

Tamworth, NSW

EJE Architecture were engaged as the Principal Design Consultant for a new campus for the University of Newcastle in Tamworth, NSW. The campus is strategically located in close proximity to the Tamworth Based Hospital, and provides an education facility as well as several new student accommodation buildings.

The Education Facility consists of tutorial spaces, student learning common, lecture theatre, simulation laboratories for both allied health, medical and nursing students. The building consists of a lecture theatre wing, tutorial space wing, and laboratory wing, all separated by an atrium, in which the learning common is located. The building has been designed to ‘breathe’ by incorporating natural ventilation strategies, and reduces artificial light through the extensive use of skylights and clerestory windows.
The student accommodation locates five residential buildings about a central courtyard. The individual buildings have been designed to locate the majority of living spaces to the north, whilst the living space is located to allow cross flow ventilation. The spaces in between the buildings have been afforded amenity such as seating power and wireless, to allow a flexible study environment and encourage a sense of community and safety throughout the development.