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Islington Townhouses

Newcastle, NSW

This quality residential development in Islington consists of six townhouses, each afforded with a unique two storey layout. Site constraints proved challenging, however the townhouses have been thoughtfully designed and are spacious and functional. The living and private outdoor spaces are effectively planned to take advantage of the northerly aspect of the site, whilst incorporating all the necessities of the client’s brief and providing a delineation between private and common areas. Potential privacy issues have been effectively dealt with throughout the scheme whilst maintaining a feeling of openness both internally and externally.

The strong clean lines of the development’s distinctive gable roof forms gives unity to the development, while providing a separate identity to each individual townhouse. The exterior incorporates a crisp material palette of face brick and rendered masonry, contrasted against light coloured weatherboards.
The development presents a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic to the streetscape which is sympathetic to the style and scale of surrounding residential buildings.