Crystalbrook Kingsley - Kingsley Master Bathroom 2_edited.jpg

Malibu Apartments

Newcastle, NSW

Malibu is a multi-residential development incorporating three single level apartments and a detached house surrounding a communal courtyard. Car parking is predominately located in a basement level so as to maximise landscaping of the site. The site overlooks Merewether Beach, a national surfing reserve providing inspiration for the architectural design. The apartments incorporate 30ft long surfboard shaped timber balconies overlooking the beach, backdropped by expanses of turquoise green glass operable walls whilst the penthouse balcony sits beneath a wave shaped double concave roof.

The house located on the street reflects the architecture of a life guard tower overlooking the communal courtyard pool, its sandstone backdrop and the wave shapes designed into the rear wall of the apartments. The sleek lines are carried into the interiors through curved ceiling bulkheads and concealed lighting.