Touring History

A special mention goes out to our very own architect and historian Stephen Batey! Over the weekend, Stephen co-hosted a tour of a beautiful Beachcomber house in Faulconbridge, the first in Sydney Living Museums’ Urban Explorers Series. Designed by Croation-born architect Nino Sydney, over 200 of the matchbox style houses were built in the greater Sydney area. What made these houses special was their forward thinking, contemporary design by an influential architect combined with their affordability for most people. The Beachcomber was one design of approximately 70 that were released on the market. Each were architect designed and fitted to the site.

Stephen is currently completing his PHD in Architecture, with a focus on the Lendlease Homes from the 1960s. Well done Stephen!

Read the full article on the The Sydney Morning Herald website:

Image top: Alicia Taylor

Image bottom: Alexander Mayes

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