Merewether Residence

This exquisite residence near Dixon Park Beach in Newcastle is inspired by the Hamptons architectural style, showcasing meticulous design and construction. It demonstrates a remarkable attention to detail, both internally and externally, resulting in a tranquil coastal haven for a family. Our goal was to capitalise on the breathtaking southern views at the front of the property while creating an inviting connection to the northern aspect and a private pool nestled within manicured gardens with an emphasis on privacy.

This exceptional home not only reflects the unique vision of the client but also embodies the essence of the Hamptons architectural style. Its impressive craftsmanship, attention to detail, and deliberate layout choices culminate in a coastal masterpiece, offering a haven of comfort and beauty for the entire family.

The outcome is an adaptable open-plan layout on the main level, intelligently designed to highlight the property’s unique features. From the main entrance, the space seamlessly flows towards the northern deck, considerately shielded from the harsh coastal elements. This area provides a serene vantage point to appreciate the surrounding vistas. Moreover, the luxurious master bedroom, complete with a spacious walk-in robe and an ensuite, is strategically positioned on this level, maximising the opportunity to relish the picturesque views.

On the lower level, three additional bedrooms and a family room open to a central courtyard, serving as a focal point for the residence, and the splendid northern gardens. This arrangement ensures a harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces, promoting a sense of tranquillity and natural beauty.
The upper level of the residence boasts a captivating retreat-like atmosphere, affording unparalleled views that extend beyond Dixon Park Beach and its surroundings. This elevated space allows the homeowner to fully immerse themselves in the coastal splendour from a privileged position.