VAMP by Lisa McGuigan

Named after Lisa McGuigan herself, “Vamp” is a contemporary wine room situated in Pokolbin’s ‘golden mile’ in the Hunter Valley, inspired by her award-winning brand and her affinity for the colour black. The architectural design of the building housing her brand reflects her persona and passions, encompassing fashion, music, art, and wine.

Through the fusion of architecture, branding, and interior design, this space offers a captivating and immersive experience, celebrating the art of wine tasting in a modern medieval ambiance.

Vamp stands as a temple dedicated to the appreciation of wine—a manifestation of Lisa McGuigan’s vision and passion. The design concept, aptly named “Modern Medieval,” envelops the gable-roofed building in a foreboding cloak of stark black steel, accentuated by Lisa’s distinctive cross logo that seemingly hovers on the front facade. Visitors enter through an immersive antechamber, creating a sense of anticipation before stepping into the expansive interior hall.

The space evokes a sense of wonder, with a soaring mural, a captivating quartz-chard chandelier, a courtyard framed like a picture, and a tasting bar with a textured surface reminiscent of a viper’s skin. Private tasting booths are adorned with chainmaille accents, protecting the pewter-clad Pinot Noir and Hemp Chardonnay. The ambience is enhanced by the presence of fresh oysters displayed on ice, while a solitary magpie sentinel gazes down from the mural above.

The overall aesthetic of the space is defined by a minimalist colour palette, primarily black and white, with accents of silver and pewter. The interior design aims to create an immersive and experiential journey, drawing inspiration from medieval textures while embracing a concept of “soft-brutality” for the interior elements. Special attention is given to the interplay of light and shadow, enhancing the sensory experience of wine tasting within the space.